Rising Stronger, Emerging Greater


Our company is focused on delivering value driven managed services deployed within key horizontal markets, including Energy Resources, Automated Solutions, Consumer Services, Logical and Infrastructural among others.

We leverage our strategic partnership with industry related Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs to enhance our clients’ operations in various sectors of core industries with solutions, services and support for process, manufacturing, commercial and residential aspects.
Our services and solutions are top notch and cut across several platforms in the industry such as Energy including Oil & Gas and Utilities, Power Generation & Distribution, Construction, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Bio-security, Information Technology and Telecommunication.


The vision for setting up ROASCEN AMET is to provide excellent solutions, managed services and support that help our clients attain their business goals by leveraging on our strategic partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs.

Our mission is to:

  • Enhance the operations of our clients based on our strategic partnership and leverage with critical stakeholders along the value chain.
  • Enable and advance the performance, efficiency and safety of energy utilities sector such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Distribution, as well as some Chemical and Manufacturing industries including related sectors of the economy.
  • Provide robust automated and integrated solutions and support services that help our clients effectively manage and secure their business platforms and goals.

These solutions are delivered through skilled and experienced team of technical and management professionals with requisite expertise.


We Are Professionals
We Are Trusted
We Have The Expertise


We prioritize our core values -Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, Expertise, Excellence, and Resourcefulness- which guide our operations and inspire us to consistently deepen our management system, culture and commitment.